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Go back in time to a way of life with appreciation for nature, well being, and pure fresh air and water. Enjoy locally sourced products harvested on site, with a range of sports and adventure activities, surrounded by pristine cloud forests and community interested in conserving the environment and cultural traditions.

Located enroute to La Fortuna in the District of Los Angeles Norte, County of San Ramon de Alajuela.

Thirty minutes from San Ramon, the City of the Poets, just 60 km from San Jose Int. Airport.


Cloud Forest Agriculture

Indigenous gardening production of a variety of fresh vegetables and spices are more healthful reasons to add the values of homegrown food to your diet every day by knowing where your sources came from.

Small-scale dairy production

Villa Blanca’s celebrity cows are personally cared for and produce fresh organic milk daily offering rich creamy yogurt and aged natural cheeses throughout the year for both hotel guests and members of the community

Horseback riding

Loose track of time where anywhere you look there’s no trace of modern civilization. Enjoy the silence, the natural fragrances and the peaceful tempo where time seems to stand still.


With pure mountain air at 1200 meters and an average temperature of 24C, the user-friendly hiking trails are enhanced with the natural landscape of gentle rolling farmland and cool cloud forest circuits for all ages


With countless acres of pristine and protected cloud forest and pastures as your backdrop, the barrio of El Silencio de Los Angeles Norte takes you back in time to a peaceful and natural retreat where the atmosphere will stimulate your senses and calm your inner being.

Bike Trails

With ideal climate conditions, with or without the clouds, the area provides ideal temperatures year around with panoramic rural backdrops in every direction, biking on secure county roads and trails without danger of traffic provides a complete Biker’s Paradise.



Step into a way of life at a pace and rhythm that is born of the land and the elements that have shaped this part of the Central Highlands. You´ll quickly develop an appreciation of the impact of nature´s balance with the very good-natured hospitality of San Ramon and Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel.

And it all takes place within a natural environment where community matters, where security, conservation, and exceptional experiences are seamlessly woven together to become part of the identity of the leading edge of a sustainable Greentique Community in Costa Rica.


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